Self portrait

Lolita is a rising digital artist who has grown exponentially in the last 2 years. From a very young age she was awarded at the NYC independent film festival as best video art, she was also the first artist to be represented as a digital avatar in Spain. 

She notably attracted the attention of the press and has been interviewed in various media, one of them MTV, she was also rated by the IED as one of the promises of innovation in 2019, being invited to the design week organized by the European Institute of Design . 

She was then offered the opportunity to work with some big names in the arts world, prompting her to create a digital artwork for a renowned artist (Covid postponed the release, but it is still in the works with the date of release to be determined). The latest work focused more on the creation of trans species humans than on human beings in animal form. This has attracted the attention of several artists around the world, some of whom are well known and are soon to work on new projects.

Lolita's interests are in the field of natural sciences and technology, as tools for work and reflection.